Doom Buggies
Doom Buggies

Vehicle Model

OmniMover Ride Vehicle


The Haunted Mansion (ride)


Number of Vehicles Used In Production

Exact number unknown, approximately over 40

Number of Surviving Vehicles



Disney Land Imagineers

Also Known as

Haunted Mansion Ride Vehicles

"Please keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the Doom Buggies at all times."
―Ghost Host of The Haunted Mansion[src]
The Doom Buggies are the well known ride vehicles used in Disney World, Disney Land, and Euro Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction. The vehicles demonstrate the use of Disney's own OmniMover ride vehicle system. The vehicles are all strung together and almost never stop moving even to reload the ride vehicles (unless a handicapped person wishes to ride in that case, the whole chain of vehicles is stopped). The Doom Buggies each have two built in speakers through which the "Ghost Host" narrates the ride through on a recording. The vehicles each have a safety bar which automatically lowers once one of the Doom Buggies is loaded. The vehicles are in a curved shape to create an echo which makes the speakers projecting the sound, sound as if the Ghost Host is all around the room.
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