Horace the Hate Bug is a black Volkswagen Beetle who appears in 1997 made-for-television film Herbie the Love Bug. He is a minor antagonist, built by Dr. Gustav Stumpfell at Simon Moore's request. The sinister appearance of the character proves Horace's vindictiveness immediately.

He has three additional gadgets - a drill in his front right wheel, a grenade launcher in his back and a lazer which shoots from his front.

Horace kills Herbie at Simon's request in the film. However, Herbie is rebuilt by Hank shortly afterwards, much to the digust of Simon and Horace. Simon challenges Hank to a duelling race, at the end of which "the winner takes home both cars." During this race, Simon uses each of Horace's gadgets against Herbie, but Herbie manages to overcome all of them and win the race.

Horace dies at the end of the film after driving into a dam and exploding underground. It is unclear whether this is deliberate suicide or an accidental crash.

Horace shares similarities with Christine, and K.A.R.R.

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