Hoyt-Clagwell Tractor

(Green Acres)

Hoyt-Clagwell Tractor

Vehicle Model

Fordson Tractor


Green Acres


Number of Vehicles Used In Production

Number of Surviving Vehicles


Fordson Tractor Company

Also Known as

That Darn Tractor (by Oliver)

 The Hoyt-Clagwell Tractor from the television show Green Acres was accquired by Oliver Douglas, the main character, included for free, with the purchase of The Haney Place Farm in Hooterville, from its owner, the town's local conman: Mr. Haney. The tractor was almost useless to Oliver because it either broke down, caught on fire, or it would fall apart every time he needed to use it. The tractor displayed anthropomorphic qualities, often purposely seeming to fall apart and its battery cables attempted to shock Oliver. Eb, Oliver's farmhand, said that he often talked to the tractor, and apparently understood it. Eb said that when Mr. Haney owned the tractor it chased him all over the place, once again supporting the idea that the tractor had lifelike qualities. Mr. Drucker, the Hooterville General Store Manager, explained when Oliver came to ask for parts for the tractor, that he hadn't heard the name Hoyt-Clagwell in a long time, because the company had dissolved after Mr. Hoyt left the tractor business to go make plastic fruit.

 Mechanical TroublesEdit

  • Caught on fire
  • Wouldn't Start
  • Broken Carburetor
  • Dead Battery
  • Wheels falling off.
  • Overheated


In the TV Series, the tractor was called a Hoyt Clagwell Tractor, however,the tractor actually used,were two different tractors. A John Deere "GP" was used in the opening, and the tractor used during the rest of the show was actually a Fordson model tractor.

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