Jungle Cruise River Boats
Jungle Cruise Boats

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African Queen style River Boats


Jungle Cruise


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In all 4 attractions currently: 49 Boats

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River Boats

The Jungle Cruise River Boats are the ride vehicles used in the popular Disney World, Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland attraction called Jungle Cruise. The vehicles are river boats which are styled like The African Queen boat from the movie The African Queen. The boats are real working boats that run along a track. The original Disneyland river boats were replaced in 1997 due to age. The original boats from Disneyland's version were painted as clean, idealized replicas, which were very colorful, and were replaced by new boats with a more familiar, realistic grunge covered, worn down look used by the other versions of the ride. The boats are all humorously named to coincide with the ride's humorous theme. At all the attractions, each of the boats do not all operate at the same time.

Disneyland River Boat NamesEdit

  • Amazon Belle
  • Congo Queen (gold-painted for 50th anniversary of Disneyland)
  • Ganges Gal
  • Hondo Hattie
  • Irrawaddy Woman
  • Kissimmee Kate
  • Nile Princess
  • Orinoco Adventuress
  • Suwannee Lady
  • Ucayali Una (Wheelchair equipped)
  • Yangtze Lotus
  • Zambezi Miss
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