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The Pizza Planet truck makes deliveries for Pizza Planet in Toy Story. The truck has a yellow coat of paint overall, although it is usually quite faded and peeling. The hatch on top is white, and the rear bumper is a dark grey. The interior seats are a light brownish color. Most Pizza Planet trucks use a manual, or stick-shift, transmission. Most trucks also include a combination radio/cassette tape player. Its license plate number in all three Toy Story films is RES1536. There is a bumper sticker on the rear bumper that reads "How's my driving? Ha ha ha ha ha!". From a distance, this appears to be a "How's my driving? Call this number to report me" type of message. On the back hatch's glass is a small sticker which reads "KRAT FM". This is a reference to a Pixar employee named Tia Kratter. Additionally, the back hatch glass also has an even smaller circular sticker which has a "55" crossed out by a red "no" symbol. The back of the truck reads "YO", which, in combination with its overall appearance, shows strong evidence that the truck is in fact a Toyota (ToYOta) (possibly Hilux model) truck. The gas cap is on the truck's left side. The exhaust pipe is on the truck's right side. The radio antenna is on the right side, at the front. There is a red and white plastic "Pizza Planet" rocket on the top of the truck. This is what Woody uses to convince Buzz that he's found a spaceship. The back hatch has five windows: two rounded ovular ones toward the front, two rounded rectangular ones toward the back, and one opening window on the back (which Woody climbs through). In Toy Story 2 the Toyota issue is averted by the truck's owner's manual, which states that it is a 1978 "Gyoza" model.


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