The Electric Mayhem Bus debuted in The Muppet Movie and has become one of the most iconic Muppet vehicles. This psychedelic colored bus belongs to the Electric Mayhem, with the names of the individual band members adorning various sides of the bus, and is generally driven by Dr. Teeth. In The Muppet Movie, the bus allows for an intervention by the band, rescuing Kermit the Frog and friends from the desert, and carries the entire troupe to Hollywood, CA. The bus resurfaced in the 1979 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The bus was subsequently auctioned off, but re-acquired by the Jim Henson Company for use in Muppets from Space. The bus features prominently in the film, refurbished but still boasting 70s paint job and interior decoration. The bus was also featured in Wendy's Kid's Meal promotions for the film.

The physical vehicle has since been sold and resold again, on eBay and off of it. Although visibly absent, it did merit a verbal tribute in The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, however. Commenting on the band's lateness, Floyd Pepper remarks, "We've been driving the same lousy bus since 1978."

Most recently, the bus was spotted on the set of The Muppets on the Henson Company's Charlie Chaplin Studios in 2010.

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